Anna Tan

Meet Anna Tan, a multi-award winning trailblazer in corporate transformation and executive coaching. With a rich 25-year background across various sectors, she’s your go-to for leadership development insights.

Join her on this blog as she guides you through the ever-evolving business landscape, sharing strategies for high impact leadership weaving science based tools and techniques.

Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: How to Identify and Avoid Them as a Leader

Leadership, Published January 4, 2024
People rise and fall to your expectations.
International Women’s Day

The Inspiring Dance of Graceful Leadership: A New Rhythm for Senior Leaders

Leadership, Published January 1, 2024
Graceful and humble - are two different melodies that describe divergent leadership styles. While the tune of ‘humble leadership’ has echoed in boardrooms recently, it’s time to change the rhythm and dance to the beat of ‘graceful leadership’. This could revolutionize your concert as a leader.

From Stage to Boardroom: An Improv-Inspired Approach to Executive Leadership

Leadership, Published December 28, 2023
What do comedic improv and high-stakes leadership have in common? More than you’d think! In this enlightening journey, we’ll navigate from the spotlight of the stage to the intense scrutiny of boardroom meetings, revealing how fundamental principles of improv can breathe fresh life into your executive role by providing new perspectives on collaboration, problem-solving, and communication.
Situational Leadership

An Introduction to Situational Leadership: Theory, Benefits, and How Leaders Can Use It

Leadership, Published December 26, 2023
In the vast ocean of leadership theories and practices, situational leadership shines as a beacon for its versatile adaptability to the dynamic ebb and flow of organizational life. It’s not just about a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but rather a sophisticated method that flexes according to teams’ unique needs in various situations.
A ball of energy with electricity beaming all over the place.

The Astonishing Power of Neuroplasticity: Its Role in Exceptional Leadership

Leadership, Published November 24, 2023
Is there a secret sauce to becoming an exceptional leader? Does it lie within the magnetic allure of charisma or perhaps, an instinctual ability to motivate people? Fascinatingly, cutting-edge scientific research points us toward a compelling answer - our brain’s dynamic ability to adapt and reconfigure itself, popularly known as neuroplasticity. This extraordinary phenomenon has immense potential to harness leadership qualities by reshaping our brains according to experiences and learning.

Identifying and Avoiding Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Leadership

Leadership, Published November 19, 2023
The beliefs we hold about ourselves and others have tremendous power over outcomes. Are we sabotaging ourselves with negative self-fulfilling prophecies by clinging to self-limiting beliefs? Click to learn how to replace negative self-fulfilling prophecies with positive ones. | Coaching go Where
Resilience for Leaders

Resilience for Leaders is Key to Business Success - Paving a Culture of Change

Leadership, Published November 16, 2023
Building a culture of resilience requires a culture change. This can be challenging when leaders are used to focusing on short-term efficiency. Misaligned incentives, outdated business education, and backward-looking metrics can all make resilience an elusive goal. | Coaching Go Where
Executive Coaching

7 Ways Executive Coaching Can Help Leaders Create High-Performing Teams

Leadership, Published November 9, 2023
Creating high-performing teams isn’t easy. If you’re looking for ways to create high-performing teams as a leader and coach, check out these seven strategies mentioned in this article. | Coaching Go Where

How to Multiply Your ROI in Corporate Training and Drive Engagement

Leadership, Published October 26, 2023
A new era of learning is dawning; an era marked by tight budgets and slashed classroom learning hours, coupled with calls for a new breed of people-centric leaders.
Benefit Leaders

How Professional Executive Coaching Can Benefit Leaders

Coaching, Published October 26, 2023
One of the most pervasive myths out there is that executive coaching is only for senior executives. Anyone can require help, some less, some more. There are many coaching programs available that yield great results with exceptional success rates, however, executive coaching is the most effective.

Coaching in Metaverse: What’s the Hype All About

Coaching, Published September 15, 2023
How does metaverse relate to coaching?

Executive Coaching: How it Works and What It Can Do For You

Coaching, Published August 22, 2023